Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008


E-Mail-Rundschreiben in einer nicht näher bezeichneten hiesigen Firma:

Subject:关于加强访客管理的通知/Notice for strengthening visitor management

All employees:

For requirement of security management, company restates visitor management again as following:
1. Only Gate 1 and Gate 4 site for transacting visitor card , and the telephone No. is [no1] and [no2];

2. After employee who is called must confirm the visitor, he forwardly gives notice to our security personnel only by internal call;

3. Please employee who is called must apprize the visitor to transact visitor card by efficient identification card;

4. Visitors must know "Notice of entering plant" and understand the relative rules of [company name] before transacting visitor card;

5. Visitors must return the visitor card to the security personnel when they leaving at the same day;

6. If visitors disobey the rules of [company name], the employee who is called will be punished.

If you have any question, please contact Safety Dept. directly ([name1];[name2]).

Safety Department

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