Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2006

I can see higher than before

Now, who knows whose song that is? I guess BJ and Benno know, and Ossi should know, as the guy in question is an Australian artist.

Why I come up with this? I heard that song again this morning, and ...; well, see for yourself:

I look out upon where the mountains turn to sand
I haven't seen a place like this in any other land
I stand on the other side with my feet against the wall
The smile is written on my face, I know that I won't fall

(CHORUS) I can see higher than before

I can smell the dust from the Gobi Plains
A contrast to last night
We sang and drank and carried on
At the AQ Bar all night
We drove home past Tiananmen Square
They told me of that night
On June the 4th 1989
Inside I just went quiet

(CHORUS) I can see higher than before

There was a saying that Michael told me that night
The longer you stay the less you understand

Especially that one last line made me nod my head. It's so true - as soon as you start thinking "now I know how it works", something happens and it's like a 180degrees around. This is not meant as a complaint or what, it's just so different here to anything else we've experienced so far.

Any ideas, who I am alking about? Drop me a comment!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Michael,

of course i know the name... :-)))


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich auch.
Vorname fängt mit -D- an,
Nachname mit -B-
Gruß H.H.

Going2China hat gesagt…

Rischtisch: Und hier die Lösung für den Rest: Daryl Braithwaite. Lohnt sich mal reinzuhören!